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  • Episode 229 - I Don't Think That Means...
    Hi friends! We've got a fresh podcast for you! Its been a little while, and we'll fill you in on what's kept us away for a bit. Our buddy Musco gave us the gift of show prep this week with some Dev Tracker gold! June doesn't mean what we think it means! Listen for more randomness...
    Created on 2019-07-12 22:39:56
  • Episode 228 - Summer Fun!
    Its summer time and the time is right for swtor in the streets! In years past, we've had mid-summer events to keep us engaged with Star Wars The Old Republic. This year we take it up a notch with the Bad Feeling Summer Camp!
    Created on 2019-06-16 00:42:21
  • Episode 227 - The Ding-a-Ling Podcast!

    This week, our friends over at Bioware put on a Live Stream like no other! We learned so much from the crew that it requires an entire podcast to decipher and react to all the information!

    We learned about changes coming in Onslaught, that may sound familiar!


    This week's outro music: Star Wars Finger Style by Kelly Valleau

    Created on 2019-05-31 21:06:52
  • Episode 226 - Crafting Pirate Style

    We've learned a lot more about the new in game event for Star Wars The Old Republic! When we travel to Dantooine, we'll find more pirates and different sets of missions depending on when you visit.

    With all the new changes we've seen in the game, why has crafting been largely ignored? Brian has a list of wants for crafting to make that aspect of the game better than ever!

    This week's outro music: Main Theme by Anna UK

    Created on 2019-05-17 16:04:03
  • Episode 225 - DanTooFakeNews

    The cameras are back! Not that you podcast listeners should care, but we're back on Twitch. So... yay?

    In addition, there's been a handful of things to discuss with Star Wars the Old Republic.

    SWTOR has been tagged with a case of the Fake News! Reports of its death are greatly overrated.

    Our friend Mike Bradley posted the April PVP update and an explanation of something called "Death Volumes" They go to eleven.

    There's been some discussion about the HK subscriber reward chapter. Should it come back? How should it come back?

    And finally, we discuss Dantooine. The pirates are on Dantooine.

    This week's outro music: https://badfeelingpodcast.com/index.php/audio-listing/music/156-8-bit-cantina-band

    Created on 2019-05-09 20:52:57