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  • Episode 221 - Are Dicks Included?

    New things are on the way for Star Wars The Old Republic!

    Guild Heraldry is a thing. We prefer the term 'space logo'. Our friends at Bioware announced that with game update 5.10.2 we'll see space logos. Also some other fun tweaks to the preview window and more.

    Did you know win trading was still a thing? There are also still exploits happening. Bioware dev Mike Bradley is prepared to bring down the hammer.

    Finally, you may know that we complain about gear. A lot. Dicks in boxes. Boxes of dicks. We answer a listener question about what we'd like to see done differently regarding the gearing


    This week's outro music: Bogg at the Cantina

    Created on 2019-03-13 15:48:03
  • Episode 220 - Don't Get Under My Influence!
    Someone's been naughty! This week there was a screen cap of a post that originated on a set of forums under NDA. The influencer program has been in place for a while now, so let's discuss what's going on!
    Created on 2019-02-22 17:27:45
  • Episode 219 - I Can Haz Currencies

    Five dot Ten dot One dot What dot Thing has been deployed! It brings the end of Ranked Season 10 and the lair boss with the Hive of the Mountain Queen. And some bugs. And a bug queen. And another currency! Remember when Bioware told us there were too many currencies so they scrapped most of them? Ossus Farms remembers. Let's take a look at what's going on here.

    Ranked season 10 rewards are also different. No weapon set! No mount! No idea why! Older rewards will also be available for purchase as 'replica' models. This is a good thing?

    This week's outro music: Imperial March Classical by Epica

    Created on 2019-02-15 22:18:28
  • Episode 218 - Game Change dot Org

    Hello friends! Let's talk about Star Wars video games! There's been a few items in the press lately about EA. They scrapped one Star Wars game; there's another Star Wars game supposedly coming out; Disney likes EA making Star Wars games. All the while, our beloved Old Republic gets the stepchild treatment. What gives?!?

    What would we like to see?

    Here's the petition that Robert started if you want to make your voice heard!

    This week's outro music:

    Created on 2019-02-08 20:45:07
  • Episode 217 - The Gears to Grind Your Fan Film

    There's new gear to be had on Ossus! What does it take to get it? Who wins, and who loses (hint: GSF always finishes last)

    There have also been more and more Star Wars Fan Films. Vader: Shards of the Past has been getting a lot of great reviews, and has also attracted the attention of our overlords at Disney. Look out creators everywhere!

    Created on 2019-01-22 00:07:03