Episode 86 Show Notes

Week two with a belly full of KotFE! We're getting ourselves used to all the new changes and want to discuss companion influence. What's the difference? What's better?
Keep in mind that November is just around the corner. Extra Life Marathon is coming up. November 7th we'll be a part of the Galactic Gamer's Extra Life team. Visit extra-life.org to learn more and donate to a good cause!

Episode 85 Show Notes

SWTOR expansion 4.0 has arrived and its early access time for subscribers. We basically lose our collective mind over all the fun we're having in the new expansion!
...and Brian is on the beach acting like a dick.

Episode 83 Show Notes

We have returned! Much like that case of athlete's foot that you thought was gone. There's been a lot of news so make sure you tune in to a news-worthy podcast.
We also have a discussion about a new feature coming to Swtor. The dreaded level sync! What does it mean? Why do we hate it? Do you love it?

Episode 84 Show Notes

Its almost here! SWTOR expansion 4.0 is less than a week away. Are we ready? No!

What else do we think about class changes or new abilities?

But all is not lost because wishes really do come true!

Episode 82 Show Notes

The time has come to make a decision about where to spread our Bad Feeling seeds....

Which server will we choose? Who has the most compelling sales pitch? Find out today!