Episode 81 Show Notes

The Bad Feeling Podcast content drought continues! As we try to find something to talk about, we're glad to have listener suggestions!

First, redditor Tellerian asks about group content in 4.0. Will there be any? What about co-op?

We also got a speak pipe message from listener Lecto! He's made his home on the POT5 server, and asks for some small server love from Jung Ma!

Episode 80 Show Notes

There's some exciting almost news this week! The summaries of the Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior stories have been posted on the website.... Why? Also, crafting for conquests gets nerfed. Let the butthurt flow!

Episode 79 Show Notes

Look at the Interwebs, it seems like everyone has a bad feeling about the future of SWTOR! What does it all mean? Why are we here? We discuss some of the comments we've seen and the good and bad parts of those. Guess what? Its time to bring out the PVPness! This week we talk about what's changed now that PVP gear is raining on us all.

Episode 77 Show Notes

Bad Feeling Podcast Episode 77 - we discuss some of the new things coming to SWTOR, and how it used to be back in our day! Get off my lawn you pesky kids!