Episode 71 Show Notes

What an exciting week in the galaxy! Chuck and Brian talk about some news items including the recent exploit and punishments, the PvP community toxicity and a quick primer min-maxing your gear. Enjoy!

Episode 70 Show Notes

This week on The Bad Feeling Podcast, we comment on the changes to character transfers. The cost has been temporarily reduced to 90 Cartel Coins! What does it mean?! What do we do?!? Panic!

An oft-overlooked element of gearing your toon is the augments. We discuss crafting augments and kits as well as why you should augment.

Episode 68 Show Notes

Welcome back to the Bad Feeling Podcast! This week, we discuss the merits of hunting datacrons. And then we complain about hunting datacrons.  With the return of the Nar Shadda nightlife event, we have a wish list that ranges from events, to incentives, to crafting (again!).

Episode 69 Show Notes

Holy Crap! We've had our minds blown out with the new trailer and info for the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion! We discuss what is to come and what changes are coming down the line with the new Swtor.
After a quick break, we talk about some of the nasty things we've seen from the community. Can't we all just get along?

Episode 67 Show Notes

There's a new stronghold coming soon! And a new playable race! We discuss what this means for Swtor moving forward and some things we'd like to see as a result of these additions.
Then, its time to talk about your alting. Are you alting correctly? Listen in to find out!