Episode 66 Show Notes

Its our interview with lead PvP Developer Alex Modny! We traveled inside the hallowed foyer of Bioware Austin to meet with Alex and Eric Musco and talk over all things PvP.
We have our faces melted by all the PvP Goodness that Alex and his team are bringing to the game.

Episode 65 Show Notes

Its an exciting day at the Bad Feeling Podcast! We talk about character transfers, the angry community, and the departure of some high-profile end game guilds.

So much to discuss! Stay tuned for our 2,400 cartel coin winner and a new contest this week!

Episode 63 Show Notes

We cover a lot of ground this week! We start with a quick recap of the latest Galactic Gamers Coalition podcast (which you should totally listen to here:http://www.galacticgamerscoalition.com ) Then we venture back to Ziost but only briefly. Just like what happens in the game.
After that, we bring back the I Wish segment this time it the Companion Edition!

Episode 64 Show Notes

This week, we talk about a serious topic. Seriously. Some of the player base has gone outside the bounds with the dev team.
The back half of the episode we discuss some helpful tricks to the interface editor that you may have missed!

Episode 62 Show Notes

Welcome to game update 3.2! We talk about some of the fun things that we did while exploring the new planet Ziost.
There are some interesting nuances that may be a precursor of things to come.
We also announce the winner of our GSF cartel coin giveaway!