Episode 62 Show Notes

Welcome to game update 3.2! We talk about some of the fun things that we did while exploring the new planet Ziost.
There are some interesting nuances that may be a precursor of things to come.
We also announce the winner of our GSF cartel coin giveaway!

Episode 61 Show Notes

Episode 61! Hear our thoughts on the most recent SW:TOR cantina event during Star Wars Celebration.
Stay tuned for a way to win Cartel Coins!

Episode 59 Show Notes

Its DPS day! There's a lot of things that we do wrong, and today we try to correct some of those issues.
There are a couple of tricks you can use to get those numbers up!

Episode 60 Show Notes

Are you afraid of the Parse? Don't be! We talk about parsing and all the lovely things you can do.

Other good ideas include talking to other people (who knew) to get some help for your particular class or discipline.

Episode 58 - Grind On It!

What makes up the grind? Chuck and Brian discuss the relative merits of dailies and how they apply to making credits.
Attached to that is the discussion of in-game events and their recurring dailies.