Episode 57 Show Notes

We're back from our Spring Break! Just in time for some exciting news including the Outfit Designer.
Brian just hit Legacy Level 50, and we have a rousing discussion of what that means.

Episode 56 Show Notes

This week we take a look back at our PvPness and answer some listener emails.
We then turn our attention to Galactic Star Fighter. The real red-headed stepchild of SwTor!

Episode 54 Show Notes

The Illusion of Choice!

What you see isn't necessarily what you get. There are a lot of options for gear, disciplines, classes, etc but most of those are not viable. 

Discussion ensues!

Episode 55 Show Notes

An extended PvPness! If you're feeling unsure about your pvpness, listen here! We cover all the intro topics: Gear, Expertise, Bolster, Resolve, etc, etc.

Tune in and regain your youthful vigor and start pvpeeing all over the place!

Episode 53 Show Notes

Episode 53 is the first of our second year of podcasting!

So, of course, we kick it off with an apology.

OUr topics this week include how to deal with a$_holes on the Internet and in Swtor. 

Then we talk about what to do when you're struggling with a piece on content and banging your head against the wall.