Episode 101 Show Notes

We're back with another Bad Feeling Podcast! This week in Star Wars The Old Republic, there was a new patch with story content and crafting changes! It took a while to get deployed and the results were less than stellar. Take a listen!

Episode 102 Show Notes

Its been a great week for The Bad Feeling Podcast! But probably not for the reasons you'd expect. We took a little field trip and did some stuff.
Have you ever accidentally wished for something? We did! On a whim we threw in an I Wish segment - alliance edition.
How's your PVPNess? Here's some ideas of how to get started? It doesn't hurt as much after the first time....

Episode 104 Show Notes

Welcome back! There's some news to discuss on The Bad Feeling Podcast. Bioware has announced the cancellation of the story live streams and is going to introduce a story VLog. Also, will there be mega servers?!? We think so, but the official word is no.
Do you augment? Do you augment enough? Maybe you should consider more augments!

Episode 103 Show Notes

Another fun week at The Bad Feeling Podcast! We had a chance to revisit with Eric Musco and talk about the new Warzone and what to expect from the PTS. Its going to be fun, so get your PTS going!

We also tackle the topic of armor and gearing your toon. What do you need armor for? How do you change your appearance? Listen and find out!

Episode 105 Show Notes

This week on The Bad Feeling Podcast, we talk about a few new developments in Star Wars: The Old Republic.
There have been some new changes and news regarding the delay of the Eternal Championship.  
The back half of the episode we discuss something that trips people up: The Collections Interface!