Episode 52 Show Notes

Can you believe that its been a whole year of The Bad Feeling Podcast?!? After many apologies, we touch on a couple of news items including the shutdown of Shadow Realms and the PvP Ranked Season 4 rewards.

Then, its all about us! How great we are and how much everybody loves us.... or not.

Episode 51 Show Notes

Its Episode 51! The Bioware community team in particular and the developers as a whole seem to be taking a new stance on communication with the playerbase.

They also seem to be reacting much more to what players are asking for.
Is this a good thing?

Episode 49 Show Notes

We quickly recap the latest updates of the famed Ravagers exploit, then move on to a discussion of what you can do when you're all by yourself.

So Alone.

By Yourself.

With No one Else.
Then a PVPness quickie!

Episode 50 Show Notes

This week, we discuss the producer's roadmap letter that was read during the January cantina event. That discussion devolves into a wishlist.

Listener Kerry posted a question about switching factions, and we, of course, took it and ran!

Episode 48 Show Notes

ITs what everyone's talking about! The Ravagers exploit. What is the significance? What should be done? What else do you know?