Episode 112 Show Notes

Listen to another harrowing tale of glory in this week's Dev Tales!

Then Brian and Chuck discuss what it means to play as a group, and where Star Wars The Old Republic fits into that model of traditional MMO RPG game play. Enjoy! 

Episode 113 Show Notes

Who loves Dev Tales? You do! Enjoy listening to Michael Baccus describe one of his favorite moments from the bounty hunter storyline. Did you know we're bad at economics and credit making? We turn to an expert, Mr. Andrew of SWTOR Economics to break some things down and help explain the complexities of the SWTOR economy.

Episode 115 Show Notes

This week, we put Cartel Market producer Dan Bunton into the Dev Tale hot seat!
The Eternal Championship speed run has concluded. We talk to Old Republic Radio's Nepthen about many aspects of this new feature. He also says some curse words!

Episode 114 Show Notes

Mr. Paul Marino is this week's Dev Tale!
Also, does SWTOR really take up every waking minute of our lives? Yes, but in a different way. We discuss the Kotfe content release cycle and how its affected our play styles....