Episode 106 Show Notes

We're back from Sping Break, also known as South By SouthWest! This week we talk about the ups and downs of the PTS server, then open upit up to a wider discussion of what we'd like to see for SWTOR, and debate the allure of the rumored SWTOR-2

Episode 107 Show Notes

This week on the Bad Feeling Podcast we discuss some news from the Galaxy of Star Wars The Old Republic! There are more quality of life changes coming, more subscriber rewards and more hate from the haters. Let's take a look into why there's so much anger.  
If you really want to feel some anger, take a look at your achievement score! Brian talks about his obsession and relays some info on worthwhile achievements that are out there. Its more than just e-peen. Really it is.

Episode 109 Show Notes

Its the Big 12! Chapter 12 has been out for over a week, and we decide to spoil it for everyone. 

When's the last time you went on a conquest? Its time to revisit what conquesting is and some tips on how to excel

Episode 108 Show Notes

We have News! Star Wars The Old Republic has released early access for game update 4.3. Lots of great things are included. On the same day, we were treated to the April producer's livestream on Twitch. More great things, and some questionable things coming soon to SWTOR.

Have you been playing KOTFE too much? Its time to think about all the other story places in the game. From Black Hole to Section X and Oricon, there is a metric ton of story that has largely become overlooked!

Episode 110 Show Notes

May the Fourth be will all of us! SWTOR has a lot of exciting incentives and giveaways coming in the month of May. Listen for details!
We, the people of Star Wars The Old Republic, received a letter from Sr. Developer Ben Irving. We don't know exactly what he means, but we know how we feel about it!
(hint: its Awesome!)