Episode 47 Show Notes

Makin' money makin' creds! We start the episode by discussing easy ways to make some credits while you're still getting into the game.

Listener Sam brings us a question from Speak Pipe! We talk about the different species and worlds we'd like to see added to SWTOR

Episode 46 Show Notes

Its our end of/ start of the year podcast! We review 2014 and look forward into 2015

Episode 44 Show Notes

Now that the Shadow of Revan expansion has officially gone live, we give you some more of our thoughts about what's gone right, and what's gone wrong.
And dildos.

Episode 45 Show Notes

What's in a name? Is Pre-Release actually open Beta? We discuss in the front half of the show.  

After that, its time to open up the PvPness again! This week we bring the PvPness out into the open world.

Episode 43 Show Notes

With the launch of SWTOR 3.0, we discuss our first impressions of the Shadow Of Revan expansion.
Join us as we are completely overwhelmed (again)!