Episode 42 Show Notes

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!
We took this week off from recording a new episode, and instead put together a best of!
Enjoy this special SAFE FOR WORK episode with the whole family!

Episode 41 Show Notes

We're coming into the holiday season and its time to start vacations!
How do you take a vacation in Swtor ? Discussion ensues.

Then we're slapped in the face by an accidental PvPness sighting.

Episode 39 Show Notes

Three quarters of the year gone by!
This episode we discuss more pitfalls of being new to the game and getting thrown into 12x XP time.

Then we discuss putting a gear minimum on Ranked PvP! Why? or Why Not?

Episode 40 Show Notes

Lordy lordy, look who's bad.

In Episode 40 of the Bad Feeling Podcast we talk about talking. To other people. On voice chat clients.
It turns out that they're really useful!

Then we aim our sites on Expansion 3.0 and what we're doing to prepare!

Episode 38 Show Notes

For Episode 38 of the Bad Feeling Podcast, we recap the Extra Life stream and discuss the topic of gaming addiction.
Next, join us for another dose of Chuck's PvP-Ness!