Episode 30 Show Notes

Its been a week where Brian has been offline, but that hasn't stopped him from playing SWTOR in his head.
Then we discuss some of the recent exploits that have been uncovered in the game and what we do about it!

Episode 29 Show Notes

More discussion of our adventures in housing and then we revisit companions.
They're more important than ever with all the crafting you need to do!
Also, very happy birthday to our favorite troll: @swtor_buckeye

Episode 27 Show Notes

Its Episode 27! 
This week, we discuss the content cycle and whether its better to reuse or reinvent. 
How do you balance the constant clammering for events to return, but bring them back in a new way?


Episode 28 Show Notes

Episode 28 kicks off the start of the newest SWTOR expansion: Galactic Strongholds.

We have no idea what we're doing but listen while we fumble around trying to get our heads out of our....strongholds.

Episode 26 Show Notes

Its been half a year of Bad Feeling Podcasts!

Let's talk about being rewarded. We discuss possibilities for different and interesting loot drops and rewards for end game activity.

Then we wish for things, and we'll read some more listener wishes.