Episode 35 Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 35! 

This week we talk about some ways that we're seeing Star Wars The Old Republic evolve.

With the hints and announcements that we've been given about the 3.0 expansion, we let our imganations run free with a discussion of how the game continues to evolve.

Episode 34 Show Notes

Episode 34 brings the first part of our interview with Community Coordinator Hillary Nicole.

With the recent non-announcement of patch 3.0 we thought we'd also have a discussion of what Bioware can / should have done.

Episode 32 - Show Notes

Lots of exciting things to announce in episode 32, including our very own guild!

Come join <has a bad feeling> on the Jung Ma server if you dare! 

We also talk about the pros and cons of leaks/ spoilers, and then talk about the relevancy of the EU, or Legends as its become known.

Episode 33 Show Notes

Its Episode 33 of the Bad Feeling Podcast! This week we tackle the ongoing debate about the life of the game. 

Are servers dying? We say No!

Then, we have a fun interview with Slade from Extra Life ATX, a charity organization benefitting Children's Miracle Network.

Learn how to help other people by playing games!

Episode 31 Show Notes

In Episode 31 of the Bad Feeling Podcast, we talk about a few more Real Life/ Swtor experiences then a discussion about the Community Management team from Bioware.
We round out this episode with a quick primer on how to choose an advanced class for players just getting there.