Episode 23 Show Notes

Let's face it - we were all noobs at some point. Here's a discussion of why we love our less experienced cohorts.

Then we have another Freaky Friday! 
We're also still taking submissions for our loading screen contest - so get your photoshop skills going.

Episode 22 Show Notes

This week we get an exclusive look at the new upcoming expansion: Galactic Strongholds!

We'll take you through all the nuggets that we've successfully mined from the SWTOR twitch stream and the dev's blog post.

For our Loading Screen Contest, you'll need these:

Photoshop Template

Our Logo

Episode 20 Show Notes

This week, we take a quick trip down memory lane to review our most- and least- loved worlds. Then its on to a beginner's look at getting into a new operation.

Episode 21 Show Notes

This week we talk about what we listen to while playing the game when we're not listening to the game soundtrack.
We discuss more I Wish topics and round out the episode with a discussion of how you can more efficiently get that precious XP during double XP week!


Chuck's PvP Playlist:


Brian's PvP Playlist:


Episode 19 Show Notes

Time for the conclusion to Freak Friday #2!

See below for the results of Brian's attempt at wardrobe selection.

After the release of patch 2.8 we discuss some of the flaws in MMOs over the years.

Our educational segment takes you through some of the legacy and character perks that you might enjoy!