Episode 5 Show Notes

Episode 5 brings a discussion of play testing on the public test server.

Also, we give you a primer on crafting and crew skils.

Take a look at these images to help you coordinate!

-thanks to gamepedia.com & mmosite.com for these-




04crafting bonuses


05crafting bonuses




Episode 4 Show Notes

In Episode 4, we discuss Brian's spreadsheet-driven play style.

We follow it up with a lively chat about the upcoming class changes!

Episode 2 Show Notes

Episode 2 brings our first retraction!

We also explain a lot of the acronyms that you find in SW:TOR.

There may be a bit of ranting about 55 unranked solo warzones.

Episode 3 Show Notes

Episode 3 brings a discussion about in game role playing.

We also delve into the gear and rep grind parts of the game!

Episode 1 Notes

The Bad Feeling Podcast's first episode.

We discuss the Life Day Event, real world holidays in SWTOR, in-game listening and what to spend your cartel coins on.