Episode 203 Show Notes

More PTS goodness for all! There's going to be more fun PVPness and another whole room added to the Rishi stronghold. Unfortunately, this means the launch of game update will be delayed at least a week.

Last weekend at San Diego Comic Con, it was announced that there will be another season of the Clone Wars. Chuck and Brian are not excited. Why is this happening and what would we rather see?

Episode 202 Show Notes

Hi friends! The Play Test Server is available for all! Join in the warzone testing fun and experience the majesty that is the new Rishi stronghold! There are more exciting changes coming to ranked PVP seasons. You probably heard about them a few months back when we first put the ideas out there. If you like the ranked changes, you're welcome.

2018 is the 15th anniversary of the original Knights of the Old Republic. Our beloved KOTOR has led to what we know as SWTOR. Do you feel like the legacy of Revan has been properly realized? We've gone through the original class stories, the Shadow of Revan expanion, and the Knights of expansions. All are loosely tied to the original KOTOR storyline.

Episode 200 Show Notes

Prepare your ear holes for 66 minutes of Bad Feeling Badness! To celebrate our 200th episode, we take the easy way out and do a look back at how we got started, what brought us to the game, and podcasting. We answer your questions in this AMA style! And we apologize to you listeners for the torture we've inflicted. Good luck to us all!

Episode 201 Show Notes

Hey guys! There are more pvp changes incoming! Huttball movement, time and scoring will be different. There will also be another change to tanking stats in PVP. Let's discuss! If you've paid any attention to the Star Wars universe as a whole, you've surely noticed there is a lot of criticism of the latest movies and the company's direction. When does criticism cross the line into toxicity? There are people wanting to re-make The Last Jedi, and an Internet proclamation decrying the removal of Kathleen Kennedy.....um, what?

This week's outro music:

Episode 199 Show Notes

We bring you Episode 199! We're not sure if that's a milestone, but this will serve as a reminder that we need some ideas for what to do on Episode 200. Hit us up if you've got something we should do to celebrate!

Our friends at Bioware have released some details about the changes coming to Warzones! We'll talk through the changes and what we think the effects will be

This week's outro music:

Cantina Band Remix by Noize Tanks