Episode 146 Show Notes

They said it! The magic word we've all been waiting to hear! They said Operation! Its really happening! On this week's livestream, the SWTOR devs have discussed the content coming with release 5.2. Master mode uprisings, a new daily area, a new storyline, some companions, but most importantly the beginning of a new operation.  It'll be released one boss at a time. This has caused some discussion in the community.  

Patch 5.1 also brought a change in the Bolster system for PvP. Why is this a good or bad thing? Chuck gets Angry!

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Episode 145 Show Notes

As we await the coming of the next live stream, Chuck and Brian speculate about some of the changes we've seen in the SWTOR player base. Are we holding our breath in anticipation of the group content we all want? How is the CXP grind changing player behavior? Be on the look out for people trying new things!

Episode 143 Show Notes

Happy 2017 everyone! 

We start the year on a bit of a down note. Carrie Fisher has passed away, and there is discussion of adding a memorial to her or Princess Leia into Swtor.  

Also, we're still hung up on the concept of RNG gearing. Why does this exist? What are we doing wrong? 

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Episode 144 Show Notes

Hello Swtor friends! There's another bug to be exploited. We don't have a clear understanding of what Bioware's stance is. We've heard some messages through the podcast grape vine (shout out Corellian Run Radio!), but nothing official.  

This segues into a discussion of exploits in PVP. There's a different mindset to bugs in PVP. Brian has been playing with his PVPNess as a tank. It goes pretty badly, but there's some discussion about what to do.

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Episode 142 Show Notes

Its the end of the calendar! We take a look back at all the SWTOR ups and downs over 2016. Do you remember life before weapon tunings? How about the Odessen warzone? Cast your memory back with us.
Then we talk about our new year's resolutions and listen to the resolutions of our fellow SWTOR content creators!

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