Episode 200 Show Notes

Prepare your ear holes for 66 minutes of Bad Feeling Badness! To celebrate our 200th episode, we take the easy way out and do a look back at how we got started, what brought us to the game, and podcasting. We answer your questions in this AMA style! And we apologize to you listeners for the torture we've inflicted. Good luck to us all!

Episode 199 Show Notes

We bring you Episode 199! We're not sure if that's a milestone, but this will serve as a reminder that we need some ideas for what to do on Episode 200. Hit us up if you've got something we should do to celebrate!

Our friends at Bioware have released some details about the changes coming to Warzones! We'll talk through the changes and what we think the effects will be

This week's outro music:

Cantina Band Remix by Noize Tanks

Episode 197 Show Notes

Let's do this! Brian has short-timer's disease as he's getting ready to head out of town. We're recording on May 1st, the first post-poned date for Game Update 5.9. But now its been postponed again! 5.9 will be available just in time for our favorite holiday. MAY THE FOURTH!

In addition, players will receive some goodies and there is a new subscriber reward! There's also a new exploit! Watch out and don't put yourself on the naughty list.

Springtime brings with it the desire to clean things out and get a breath of fresh air. What a great time to clean out those over-filled cargo holds. What's a player to do with all this crap?!!?

We also want to shout out to our friend Sir Salisbury who needs help to get home! Take a look at his page here

I also want to put the call out for someone to run guild things in the guild! Let me know if you're interested!

This week's outro music:

Episode 198 Show Notes

Hey everybody, there's a new roadmap! 

No announcement, no preview, we just got slapped in the face with the new roadmap. 

There are so many PVP things covered, we have to thank ourselves for putting the ideas into the minds of Bioware's developers. We are claiming credit for PvP inception. Let's discuss all the wonderful tidbits we can uncover in the Summer 2018 roadmap!

Episode 196 Show Notes

And we're back! Its been a few weeks since we put out a podcast. Many apologies for keeping y'all hanging like that. Let's dive into what's been going on for us since then. First, we announce the winner of 500 MILLION CREDITS in our Izax giveaway contest.

Our friend Sir Salisbury needs our help! Please see here and help if you can - https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/83FT81aa3e

Its been a tough week for the guys. After a friend and colleague passed away, our gaming and Swtor habits have changed. Let's discuss.

Brian also guested on the new podcast Working Class Nerds. Check them out, and feel free to haze them as the new podcast on the block.

This week's outro music: Ookay Star Wars