Episode 135 Show Notes

Welcome back to the Bad Feeling Podcast! We've reached stage 5: Acceptance. There have been a few more posts from Bioware describing some more details around Galactic Command and Command Crates. One thing to consider now is crafting! We've always asked for crafting to be relevant, and this may be the time. We won't have a clear understanding until the launch later this month.
Another feature that we don't understand is the Dark vs Light in-game competition/ sliders/ progress/ things.... There are meters and progress bars and choices matter, but we're not quite sure how it all fits together!

Episode 134 Show Notes

This week, we promise not to talk about the Galactic Command System, or Command Crates too much. Instead, we have a new something to rant about! Bioware has made the decision to remove ops/ warzone/ and GSF passes from the cartel market and make them unavailable. Why would they do this? We are hurt and confused and try to talk our way through it.

Episode 132 Show Notes

We know things! We know KOTET things! After the NY Comic Con Cantina, Bioware has unleashed plenty upon us, including a new trailer.

Episode 133 Show Notes

With game update 5.0, we've learned about a new system called Galactic Command. And a new way of earning rewards through Command Crates. We don't like it. No one likes it. We have plenty of reasons and you can hear them now! Seek shelter and enjoy this extra-lengthy podcast!

Episode 131 Show Notes

Where are we? What are we doing here? The Bad Feeling Podcast is here to help. We answer the really tough questions about the current state of the Star Wars: The Old Republic, and then discuss what it would take to make this game the greatest ever. We clearly know what we're talking about. You can tell because gravitas and d--k jokes.