Episode 190 Show Notes

We travel to the Bioware mothership once again! This time we tracked down Lead Producer Keith Kanneg and force him to answer questions. The interrogation droid we used was quite effective. Listen as we discuss the roadmap, a 6.0 expansion, Anthem, and more!

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Episode 189 Show Notes

Last week, Brian had to put the brakes on Chuck when he was about to dive down a worm hole regarding subscriber rewards. Now the brakes are off! Chuck will let us know what he thinks about sub rewards and educate us about something called the Liberator. Its not what you think.

In the back half of the show, we look at the reddit and discuss a post from SWTOR_VEGA. What if the cartel market were a giant catalog that you could always purchase things from? We put some spins on this idea and run with them!

Episode 187 Show Notes

Chuck has returned from the high seas to bring his tales of wonder! Star Wars the Old Republic celebrates as the Return of the Gree returns! Enjoy killing players on Ilum until the next time it returns. And the time after that, and after that, and after that..zzZzzz.

The 3 recurring events in Swtor come around every month, and they're starting to get a little stale. Would it be better to have them on all the time instead of monthly? What if occurred less frequently? What incentivizes players to participate?

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Episode 188 Show Notes

The. Best. Roadmap. Ever!

Keith has released this quarter's roadmap and there are some thing in it. But who cares? MAKO IS RETURNING!

We're all aflutter with excitement to know when we can reunite with our beloved.

The roadmap also contains information about future updates, including conquests, companion influence, new augments, a hint of 6.0 and more!

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Episode 186 Show Notes

Star Wars the Old Republic has released game update 5.7. There some fun stuff in the new boss encounter! The Bridge Boss is real!

There's also been another article published about the demise of Swtor at the hands of the evil corporate overlords known as Electronic Arts. The article is mostly speculation, so let's dig into it!

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