Episode 160 Show Notes

We took a week off the get riled up! Chuck is mad as hell and he's gonna take it some more. There's so much confusion about gearing up for end game, that we had to take a segment about it. Swtor is going to have maintenance on May 25th. Some people call this Ascension Day and were hoping to play swtor. Public outcry ensues for all of Europe. Why does PVP gear make Chuck mad? There's a variety of reasons. Listen to them all!

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Episode 159 Show Notes

 There's been a delay to the SWTOR road map, but also an update from Keith. We learn what has been cooking over in the Bioware mecha-dome as the world prepares to receive the new Road Map. In addition to letting us know about the delay, we've gotten a few choice nuggets for things to come! Companion influence, GSF, Nightlife! All this and more in this week's episode of the Bad Feeling Podcast

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Episode 157 Show Notes

Has anyone seen my liver? We're moving a little bit slowly after spending time in Las Vegas. 

While we were away, we've only gotten limited time to play SWTOR, so we thought we'd discuss how you can best budget your playtime for maximum fun!

We also discuss the availability of top-end gear and what the nightmare raiders can get (is this another loot-gate?)

Chuck, in his GSF wisdom, will talk us through some of the basics of flying a starfighter in GSF. There's a lot of simple things you can do to be better at it than Brian!

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Episode 158 Show Notes

Let's do this! Bad Feeling Podcast number 158! We talk about what we'd like to see from the upcoming road map. We also talk about some other nonsense. Star Wars trivia is another thing we're bad at. Did you know Porkins had a first and middle name?

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Episode 156 Show Notes

SWTOR update 5.2 is finally here! It also brought a lot more than we had originally anticipated. There are new cutscenes for starting classes. There are hidden (use Google for) achievements including mini-pets! Of course you should enjoy the new story, the new dailies and the new Operation. Behind the scenes, Bioware has made a few changes as well. Ben Irving has moved to a new role within Bioware, and now Keith K. (Musco's boss) has moved into the sr producer slot. What can we expect moving forward? A road map! What value is a road map, and what do we want to see on it?

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