Episode 127 Show Notes

This week, there's not a whole lot of news going on. That's not a bad thing, because we'd probably misinterpret the reports anyway.

We've decided to talk about two topics that are always in the forefront of players' minds: Datamining and The Cartel Market. With the release of both new content for the miners and the special HK chapter, there is a lot of speculation and debate for both.

Also please take part in our Ops Boss kill event! We'll be awarding 50 Million credits to a lucky player every week for the month of September! 

Episode 126 Show Notes

Its a Bizarro-world Bad Feeling Podcast!
This week, Brian has realized that he's overcome with a need to dress up his Dark vs Light toons, and stats don't matter!

Chuck declares that Star Wars: The Old Republic doesn't take up every waking minute of his life.
What is going on here? We also talk about Daniel's survey from Ootinicast and the trends that are reflected there and in the game as a whole.


Episode 124 Show Notes

Welcome back! Its time to discuss the end of Knights of the Fallen Empire and then talk about the size and vocality of the SWTOR community.

Episode 125 Show Notes

This week with The Bad Feeling Podcast, we discuss the ability to re-activate companions that were lost to the Knights of the Fallen Empire storyline. Is this a good idea? How much do your choices matter? This feels like another separation of the story game from the rest of the game play. If the two are separate, will one aspect of Star Wars The Old Republic dominate the other? What should we expect with the next expansion coming this Fall ?

Episode 123 Show Notes

Episode 123! We had a sit-down with Ben Irving, Senior Producer for Star Wars The Old Republic. We chatted him up about all the ups and downs through expansion 4.0, Knights of the Fallen Empire. Ben has a lot to say about Bioware's thought processes regarding things like multi-player gameplay, difficulty levels and more. Enjoy!