Episode 122 Show Notes

Join us on a winding journey through the news, the speculation, the heartache and joy as we discuss the latest addition to Star Wars: The Old Republic. Its the New Pack Opening Experience and Item Stash! 

Is it all a conspiracy? We don't we know more? What does it all mean? 

This week's episode title was thought up by Ben B https://twitter.com/ben_b55 of twitter who watched us live on Periscope.  Thanks Ben! 

Episode 121 Show Notes

Hey gang! Did you know there will be a new expansion released for Star Wars The Old Republic?!? We're going to share all the fun details with you. Then we may make up some details. Then, we take note of a recent rise in the interest of Galactic Star Fighter...

Its not dead if we still believe!

Episode 119 Show Notes

The Dark vs Light event has officially begun! We talk about the rewards and how we feel this year's summer event has impacted the game and community at large.

What do you wish for? Well, its been a while so we brought you a bucket full of wishes! 

Enjoy our latest I Wish segment.

Episode 120 Show Notes

There's new packs on the Cartel Market. Watch out! Brian actually has some rage in him. The DvL packs have raised some anger now. Also, be sure to check out The Usual Podcast's event during San Diego Comic Con!

Episode 118 Show Notes

This week there's so much Darkness! So much Light! We talk about the latest Swtor Dev stream and give a blow-by-blow for the Light vs Dark event. You can hear both sides!