Episode 225 Show Notes

The cameras are back! Not that you podcast listeners should care, but we're back on Twitch. So... yay?

In addition, there's been a handful of things to discuss with Star Wars the Old Republic.

SWTOR has been tagged with a case of the Fake News! Reports of its death are greatly overrated.

Our friend Mike Bradley posted the April PVP update and an explanation of something called "Death Volumes" They go to eleven.

There's been some discussion about the HK subscriber reward chapter. Should it come back? How should it come back?

And finally, we discuss Dantooine. The pirates are on Dantooine.

This week's outro music: https://badfeelingpodcast.com/index.php/audio-listing/music/156-8-bit-cantina-band

Episode 224 Show Notes

There's a new contest! Guild heraldry is a thing, and we need guild logos! Head over to https://swtor.jedipedia.net and try out the Guild Banner Designer. Craft us a sweet logo and you could win a 30-day subscription code courtesy of Swtorista!

We know a few more details about the gear changes coming to Star Wars The Old Republic when Expansion 6.0 drops in September. Onslaught will include changes to how your gear and stats work. There will be new pieces to chase called 'Tactical Items'. We don't know much about them, but we will go ahead and draw some wild conclusions anyway.

Last week, Kathleen Kennedy, president of LucasFilm, set our hair on fire by possibly stating there might be something relating to Knights of the Old Republic coming soon. It also may be pure fluff and marketing jargon. Let's listen to the quote and dissect it!

This week's outro music: Cantina Band by Tyron Hapi

Episode 222 Show Notes

We're back after a long recovery following our South by SWTOR event! Let's go over all the fun things we learned there, including the identities of some more nefarious players around The Old Republic.

If you've watched the Dev Tracker, you'll see that the first sweep of win traders has taken place. Listen to learn more!

There are a lot of great things happening in the community, especially leading up to Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. Be on the look out for info regarding the SWTOR Fan Community booth and all the cool things happening there.

You may have also gotten under the hood with some of the dev tools that go into making SWTOR. Is this a good thing? Is the mug of blue milk half empty or half full? You decide!

Episode 223 Show Notes

So much to talk about after Star Wars Celebration! Let's discuss the Episode 9 trailer and the SWTOR 6.0 announcement!

Episode 221 Show Notes

New things are on the way for Star Wars The Old Republic!

Guild Heraldry is a thing. We prefer the term 'space logo'. Our friends at Bioware announced that with game update 5.10.2 we'll see space logos. Also some other fun tweaks to the preview window and more.

Did you know win trading was still a thing? There are also still exploits happening. Bioware dev Mike Bradley is prepared to bring down the hammer.

Finally, you may know that we complain about gear. A lot. Dicks in boxes. Boxes of dicks. We answer a listener question about what we'd like to see done differently regarding the gearing


This week's outro music: