Episode 206 Show Notes

This week's Bad Feeling Podcast brings a discussion recap of last week's PVPness interview with our friends at Bioware. We move on to some things that we haven't heard from those folks: A Fall Roadmap. We've reached the end of the summer map, and haven't heard any rumblings of a follow-up.

The back half of the show is a discussion about Legos! The Star Wars branded Legos have traditionally fallen into two categories: cheap sets or very expensive sets. Now there is a new line of sets in the $20 to $30 range that really hits the sweet spot of pricing. Crafters rejoice!

This week's outro music:

Episode 205 Show Notes

We're back in the studio with our Bioware friends! This time, we talk to David Demaree and Bret Hoffman. Alongside Eric Musco, we go all in on PVP! We discuss PTS playing, PVP changes, the new huttball map and more! Enjoy all the things!

Episode 203 Show Notes

More PTS goodness for all! There's going to be more fun PVPness and another whole room added to the Rishi stronghold. Unfortunately, this means the launch of game update will be delayed at least a week.

Last weekend at San Diego Comic Con, it was announced that there will be another season of the Clone Wars. Chuck and Brian are not excited. Why is this happening and what would we rather see?

Episode 204 Show Notes

Look at that! Game update 5.9.2 has dropped and it brought so much more than expected! There are more achievements, more lag, more bugs, more deaths and more fun! Let's discuss what we're seeing in game and hopefully what will be fixed soon.

We've gotten some words handed down from Musco regarding win trading during ranked PVP. Be gone foul cheaters! You shall be smited with the ban hammer!

Casey Hudson, General Manager for Bioware delivered a summer update that mentions our beloved SWTOR! The Old Republic got one whole sentence from the studio, and it suggests good things are coming! We're not invisible anymore!

In the back half of the show, we discuss something that no one wants: Star Wars fatigue. Back in the day, Star Wars was so scarce, we had to revel in any piece of content we could find. Now that Star Wars is a large part of the world wide popular culture, we're becoming saturated. What does this mean? Who is this good for? Is there more to it than just a cash grab from the suits at Disney?

This week's outro music:

Episode 202 Show Notes

Hi friends! The Play Test Server is available for all! Join in the warzone testing fun and experience the majesty that is the new Rishi stronghold! There are more exciting changes coming to ranked PVP seasons. You probably heard about them a few months back when we first put the ideas out there. If you like the ranked changes, you're welcome.

2018 is the 15th anniversary of the original Knights of the Old Republic. Our beloved KOTOR has led to what we know as SWTOR. Do you feel like the legacy of Revan has been properly realized? We've gone through the original class stories, the Shadow of Revan expanion, and the Knights of expansions. All are loosely tied to the original KOTOR storyline.