Episode 212 Show Notes

When Star Wars: The Old Republic introduces a new tier of gear, there's always some discussion about how it will affect the rest of the game. The same is true this time around. When iLevel 252 and 258 gear becomes available, it appears that PVP players will be at a disadvantage. We have a solution that we believe will work for all players and solve a lot of problems at the same time:

Let's get Naked!

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Episode 211 Show Notes

Hey gang! Since the last time we talked to you, there's been a lot of information dumped on us about the next SWTOR game update. 5.10 brings us the Jedi Under Siege! There's a lot to unpack in there, so we discuss the guild improvements, the new daily area, the operation, the PTS and much much more!

Episode 209 Show Notes

This week for Guest-tember, we welcome famous Twitch streamer, Snave! We discuss lots of PVP things from class balances, the new warzones, PTS to match making!

Join us as we take a spirited romp with our PVPness!

Catch Snave's Twitch channel here: twitch.tv/snave

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Episode 210 Show Notes

We're closing out Guest-Tember with one of the senior voices of the Swtor community. Its R3dn4. You know him from Ootinicast, Its a Trap Podcast, and most recently, The Council

We explore some of the issues surrounding Swtor and Star Wars. We discuss the cancellation of an official cantina event during New York Comic Con, the slow down of Star Wars theatrical releases and bring it home with an update about SWTOR:Unite -- a group podcast and live stream coming in November!

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Episode 208 Show Notes

Week 2 of Guest-tember brings our discussion with Marcus from Working Class Nerds. We discuss how the community in Star Wars: The Old Republic makes the game more than just a solo romp. Bioware is introducing many more features to guilds which should also increase the value and longevity of groups and player made content.

What else do we expect to see from Bioware? How will these changes impact how players stay engaged? Let's find out!