Episode 11 Show Notes

Its Episode 11!

We're gonna talk about skill trees and hybrid specs and then...


Episode 10 Show Notes

We've made it to the double-digits!

In Episode 10, we talk about the etiquette of Pick up Groups and rolling for loot.

Then we cover some common interface and preference settings.

Episode 8 Show Notes

Its that time of the week again!

This week we talk about the pros and cons of skipping quests and then....

Our million dollar idea for SWTOR developers. 

P.S. We're trying to get ourselves hired as professional Wall of Crazy writers.

Episode 9 Show Notes

Here comes episode 9!

First we'll give you a quick discussion of Free to Play vs Subscriber play modes.

We cover the plusses and minuses of joining a guild and some red flags to look out for.

Episode 6 Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 6!

After a brief discusson about upcoming player housing, we explore character stats and the bolster system