Episode 187 Show Notes

Chuck has returned from the high seas to bring his tales of wonder! Star Wars the Old Republic celebrates as the Return of the Gree returns! Enjoy killing players on Ilum until the next time it returns. And the time after that, and after that, and after that..zzZzzz.

The 3 recurring events in Swtor come around every month, and they're starting to get a little stale. Would it be better to have them on all the time instead of monthly? What if occurred less frequently? What incentivizes players to participate?

This week's outro music:

Episode 186 Show Notes

Star Wars the Old Republic has released game update 5.7. There some fun stuff in the new boss encounter! The Bridge Boss is real!

There's also been another article published about the demise of Swtor at the hands of the evil corporate overlords known as Electronic Arts. The article is mostly speculation, so let's dig into it!

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Episode 184 Show Notes

Let's start off 2018 with a bang.... or a dud... or something! This week, we take a listen back to last year's resolutions. How did we do? About as well as you'd expect.

Then, we set our sights to predictions for the coming year. What will we seen in Star Wars The Old Republic? Definitely some new companions, but they won't be available to all characters. Is this a bad thing?

This week's outro music: Cantina Band by Tyron Hapi

Episode 185 Show Notes

If you ever look around the Internet for information about Star Wars the Old Republic, two things will become apparent. 

A) People are passionate about the game

B) No one has a clear idea of what the state of the game actually is

Many folks have been saying that SWtor is in 'Maintenance Mode'. Why do they say this? What is maintenance mode? What should we do to prevent it?

Is now a good time to start playing? Is it okay to come back to the game? What should new and returning players expect? 

Let's discuss!

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Episode 183 Show Notes

Holy crap! Its already been a full year of bad feeling podcasts! Brian was able to bribe Bioware employees with cookies to get them to tell us a little bit about what they worked on this year. 

In game news, the Copero flashpoint has undergone some changes to make it quicker and more accessible. 

How much flashpoint is too much? How much story is too little? 

This is the last one for the year, so we'll see you in 2018!